Welcome to Razzo Moto! Located in the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland at the scenic “Hondarosa II”! As we all know, the Hondarosa is the center of the universe for all things Honda Minitrail. Here at the ranch we give wayward Z50’s new life.

I am an avid collector, restorer and kustomizer of the Honda Z50 / CT70 Mini Trails. Bring me your rusty, broken, your leaky of gas! I will give them new life. Big bore kits installed. Wheels, tires, you name it. I am a dealer for TBparts.com / Great parts / Fast delivery at discounted prices!

Please explore this website. You will find galleries of photos of past mini meets, my bikes and more.  Check out the Photo Gallery with classic photos and old Honda brochures and ads.

Check out the links page for info on other mini trail services and bike clubs. Find us on Facebook too!

Also, check out “American Honda Mini Trail Riders”  on Facebook. We can be found at the AMCA Meet in Rheinbeck, NY / Windber, PA. Minibike Meet / AMA Vintage Days / Portland IN. Motor Bike Meet every year…..  

Please contact us with any questions.
Happy Trails!

Mike “Razzo”  – Owner